Attorney Melchionne helps to revive the Debt Podcast

Many years ago in the Dark Ages (2005), my friend and colleague, Bankruptcy Lawyer Jay Fleischman, started doing a podcast. Podcasting was new then, but listening to him every morning became the stimulation and entertainment that my son and I craved before heading off to school and work. We would talk about some of the tips and issues he would bring up and debate the pros and cons. Jay didn’t really know me then, but one day he said something on the podcast that just required a quick email and a friendship was born.

Then one day, the podcast stopped. Well, we figured maybe Jay was sick, or busy, or on vacation, or... But a new episode never came. There was hole in our morning routine. TV didn’t do it and the idiots on the morning radio shows didn’t either. Eventually we settled on Ken Ray on the MacOS Ken podcast. (Yes, I’m a Mac-head.) As good as that podcast is, something was still missing.

So in July, I approached Jay about reviving the Debt Podcast and he agreed if I would do it with him! Awesome! So I dug out the sound processing software and bought some new equipment. So far we’ve done 5 episodes and hope to get on a regular schedule of weekly episodes on Tuesdays. So check it out.