Attorney Melchionne Goes to Washington

This week, Gene Melchionne met with Connecticut’s Federal representatives in Washington DC. There are bills pending in Congress; Senate Bill 114 and House Bill 532 that propose to return the Bankruptcy Code to the reasonable state that it had prior to 2005. It would allow the discharge of non-federally guaranteed student loans. With over 1 Trillion Dollars outstanding in student loans and over 11% in default, this would make a small step to allow burdened students to become productive members of the economy. Listen to the Podcast on the subject.

Gene Melchionne Intereviewed On Talk Credit Radio

Attorney Melchionne was interviewed by Gerri Detweiler regarding his recent post on Zombie Deeds.
You thought that you were finished with your home when you moved out after the foreclosure go started or filed your bankruptcy. Now when you are just trying to put that awful experience behind you, you discover you still own the home - and you're responsible for big bills and anything that happens there. What's worse, you can't get rid of it if you try! Learn:
  • Why zombie deeds can be a huge headache for former homeowners;
  • The number one thing you want to do to protect yourself;
  • What expenses you must continue to pay even if you aren’t living in the home you’ve lost;
  • How serious this is - you can even face criminal charges in some jurisdictions if you aren’t careful;

If you are walking away from your home, or may be losing a home to foreclosure, you won't want to miss this important episode. You can download the interview as a
podcast or you can listen to it online.