Attorney Melchionne testifies before General Assembly on Foreclosures

Yesterday, Attorney Melchionne testified before the joint House and Senate Housing Committee on two proposals to revise current foreclosure procedures in the court and to help protect homeowners from foreclosure. The current foreclosure crisis has deepened in Connecticut in response to the failed sub-prime mortgage market and the resulting tightening of home lending policies. Attorney Melchionne's testimony was well-received by the committee members who had many questions about the foreclosure process. In closing his comments on the two bills, Attorney Melchionne stated, "This is not about the sub-prime mortgage market or declining values in real estate. These acts are aimed at protecting Connecticut families from forces that threaten to further rip them apart. Any action this committee takes will be a step towards preserving our neighborhoods, our towns and most importantly our family units." You can find his full statement to the General Assembly here.